The Jesmarann Difference

Have you ever been ripped off by a builder?

Have you ever found yourself hundreds of thousands of rand out-of-pocket in a building project?

Have you ever paid a premium for shoddy workmanship and inferior quality building materials?

Have you ever had your building cost completely misrepresented and had to foot the bill?

Marc has. And it was for these very reasons that he founded Jesmarann Construction back in 2008.

So who is Jesmarann?

Jesmarann Construction is a construction project management company located in Langebaan. Since 2008, Jesmarann has delivered hundreds of projects to satisfied clients in the private and commercial sectors and has an extensive portfolio ranging from small spec houses to multi-million rand designer homes.

We operate in: Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg, Velddrif, Jacob's Bay, St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Dwarskersbos.

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Turnkey vs Project Management

With turnkey builders, you really have to trust your builder, because you’ll be handing over vast amounts of money to them to build your home. Typically, they will take care of everything until handing over your keys and paperwork, and you’ll have very little involvement in the project. Some other drawbacks to turnkey construction that are important to note:

  • There is a huge amount of risk involved
  • You’ll bear the VAT burden for your project, since every turnkey construction company has to be VAT registered,
  • There have been horror stories about builders disappearing with clients funds.
  • What if your building company places itself under liquidation in the middle of your project?

For those who prefer to keep tighter control over their finances, Jesmarann offers a construction Project Management service on a fixed monthly fee. This has several important advantages.

  • There is no risk involved.
  • You are completely in control of your money.
  • You are provided with a clear payment schedule.
  • You can be more involved in the project and choose contractors you prefer.
  • Individuals are not VAT registered and therefore may find the VAT burden is lighter.
  • Clients will not have to pay VAT for non-VAT vendors.
  • No funds lost on variation orders. If you want to change something, you can change it.
  • Project is still enrolled with the NHBRC

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Quoting vs Costing

The average builder knows the average cost per square meter to build a standard single story home. If your builder quotes you per square meter, you can be sure that there is risk involved. In a scenario like this, one of the parties will end up losing money.

We understand that every construction project is unique and every client is different. For that reason we do not quote on a per square meter basis or an estimate, nor do we work off of a previous quote from a similar project.

In fact, we don’t quote. We do a comprehensive project COSTING.

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Complex Projects

Any builder can build a standard single story home. Jesmarann has become known for completing complicated projects in challenging locations. In a number of firsts for the west coast, we carried out explosive blasting of bedrock for a residential project as well as residential piling. We often receive referrals from other construction companies where the level of difficulty is beyond their level of comfort.

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Shortcuts that some builders will exploit to drive down their pricing is to use inferior quality building materials. For instance, some were found using clear glass instead of the glass specified by the architect. They will often quote on the lowest quality concrete, bricks, plaster, door frames, ironmongery, aluminium profiles, waterproofing, fill, cornices, skirtings, fireplaces and cowls et cetera.

In every single one of our projects, we use 25 MPA concrete even in cases where 20 MPA has been specified. We use 14 MPA bricks unless the client specifies 7 MPA bricks for a second floor. All plastering is done with 42.5 newton plaster.

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We’ve built up relationships over the years with local construction suppliers and have negotiated discounted rates on building materials. In stark contrast to the industry norm, these savings that we’ve negotiated over time are passed directly to our clients.

This would not be possible on a per square meter quote or with a turnkey builder, once again illustrating the power of the detailed costing that we provide our clients.

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At Jesmarann, we’ve learned that poor communication leads to spoiled relationships, and that when you’re building a home, uncertainty can lead to frustration. We also understand that what our clients consider to be a priority may not be the same as what we consider to be a priority as the builder. In a construction project, a single day can contain so many variables and occurrences that both parties need to be constantly aware of.

Communication between us and our clients is the key to staying transparent, mitigating distrust and frustration, and inevitably completing a successful building project.

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Site Cleaning & Insurance

We have a dedicated cleaning team that ensures that your site is always kept clean and respectable during construction. We do this because:

  • We are proud of what we do and the projects we are involved with.
  • To prevent the construction site from becoming a nuisance to neighboring people.
  • To prevent you from incurring penalties from estates and municipalities.

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Bond Origination

In the west coast region, good, reliable, and effective bond originators are few and far between. We identified this need and took special time and effort to partner with Arlene, a bond originator who can offer our clients the results they need in the quickest time possible. She has two decades experience in the bond origination industry, and has a history with Nedbank home loans.

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Every construction project is a huge financial investment. That being said, taking shortcuts on the architect hardly makes any sense. Your home should be a place that inspires you, that provides not only a roof over your head but a sense of belonging and comfort. Investing in a visionary architect is most of this battle won.

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