The NHBRC has established a complaint handling mechanism, which has assisted many housing consumers. Each complaint is professionally and speedily processed on behalf of the housing consumer. According to the NHBRC records the NHBRC has not failed any housing consumer who had a genuine structural defect. All home owners, public and private institutions and media houses are advised to send all the complaints received by it to the NHBRC for evaluation.

The NHBRC may deal with a complaint in one of the following ways: 
* Accept the complaint
* Advise that the complaint falls outside the scope of the Act, and notify the housing consumer of its decision and its reasons.
* Request the parties to resolve the matter through legal proceedings as the matter falls outside the scope of the Act

Home Builders' Responsibilities:

The Home Builder shall:
* Confirm whether he or she denies or accepts the complaint,
* Confirm when any rectification work or any other appropriate action will start and end,
* Arrange necessary access to effect rectification

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